We want your old vinyl records!  While our primary interest is in LP's (33 1/3), we are also very interested in your 45 rpm's and 78 rpm's. You are welcome to call anytime (901-444-2786) to discuss your collection or you may simply send us an email to:  thevinylrecordfinder@hotmail.com with a brief description of your collection. Helpful information includes: 

* Condition (Refer to my "Grading Your Records" page) 
* Artist or Band Name
* Title of the LP 
* Type of Record (33 1/3 LP, 45 rpm or 78 rpm)
* Name of the Record Label
* Catalog Number of the Issue
* Year of Release (if possible)
* Color Of Record Label
* Color of the vinyl

Our Simple Buying Policy

We make selling your records easy. To find out what we can pay for your music, you may do any of the following:

1. Call us at 901-444-2786 to discuss your options for selling your records.
2. Contact us via email thevinylrecordfinder@hotmail.com and we will come to you.
3. Simply describe your collection in an email and we will respond within two business days with other options. 

We Make Immediate Payments!  

Once we agree to a value on your collection, we will make arrangements to obtain them (at your convenience) and make an immediate payment for the same.   If you are out of state, once we agree on a price we will come to pick them up or you can simply ship your records or collection to us!  We will not only pay the agreed upon price, BUT WE WILL REFUND ALL OF THE SHIPPING COST AS WELL!

Here are a few label that we are currently interested in:


Blue Note, King, Regent, Imperial, Bethlehem, Verve,  Jazzland, Signature, Signal,  Impulse, Riverside, Jaro, Atlantic, Parrot, Savoy, Roost, Workshop Jazz, Emarcy, Moondog, Dootone, Audio Lab, Tangerine, Dot, Dooto, Saturn, Fantasy, Crown, Felsted, RCA Victor, Transition, Jihad, Coral, Time, Metrojazz, Prestige, Mode, Score, Warwick, Norgran, Dial, Contemporary, Decca  and many others.  


Bluesville, Audio Lab, Imperial, Chess, Challenge, Score, Savoy, Imperial, Emarcy, Columbia,  Fantasy, Prestige, Mercury, Decca, Dot, Duke, Dial, Capitol, Bethlehem, Smash, Crown, Harlem, Crown, Reprise, World Pacific and many others.


Roulette, Stax, Ace, Aladdin, Score, End, Chess, King, Crown, Federal, Vanguard,   Federal,  Gone, Jubilee, King, Gee, Vanguard, RPM, Columbia, Vee Jay, Signature, Harlem, United Artist, Hull, Limelight, Elektra, Josie, Roulette, Sue and others.

We are interested in all genres: ROCK,  PUNK,  GARAGE,  JAZZ,  BLUES, COUNTRY,  DOO WOP,  ROCKBILLY,  PSYCH,  LATIN,  FUNK,  etc.... 

There are a far too many details related to the vinyl record market.  We hopefully provided you with enough information to help you make an informed decision about your collection. We are happy to provide you with more specific information is needed, just give us a call at 901-444-2786 (Ask for "Doc").

TheVinylRecordFinder.com is a Veteran Owned & Operated Business!​​

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Sell Us Your Records 
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Negotiating is perfectly fine!  Most records carry little to no value at all, particularly if they were pressed by the thousands. Of course, rare records in which not many were pressed, tend to demand a greater price.  Offers are made based on the quality and quantity of your collection, the demand for those LP's, and finally, how many copies of those LP's we already have. 
Condition!  If you are unsure about an item you have, simply contact us and we will help you make a determination and informed decision.  It may be best to contact us either way as you may have a rare LP (and not know it) in less than desirable condition that we are willing to accept.
Remember, condition is very important!  In order to receive the best price for your collection, the records should be in at least "Very Good" (VG) to "Excellent" (VG+) or better condition. Records should not have any deep scratches, gouges, warps or anything that would impede the playback of the record with an ordinary needle.
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